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Escapian: a place that helps you find your comfort zone

These are, in a lot of ways, extraordinary times and extraordinary times can bring us to the brink – both physically and mentally. If nothing else, these past two years have exposed and increased our need for relaxation and leisure. Relaxation, as we’ve all found out, does not simply mean time off from work. It also means a change of venue, breaking with the routine and escaping the spaces we occupy every day.

A spatial detox


A tectonic shift has occurred, a realization that we as travelers don’t want to spend our vacation mindlessly hopping from one Instagram-destination to another but use that valuable time to declutter and unwind. Spend your summer crammed into a tiny apartment, with a lousy view and no lawn? No, thanks. Those days are long gone. This is why we decided to launch Escapian – a one-stop classy and curated platform where you can find exactly what you’re looking for: a private place to retreat and relax. Escapian offers premium villas throughout Croatia with great service and exceptional hosts. With great emphasis on quality control our list of destinations and villas is carefully compiled and thoroughly reviewed – providing the top-tier experiences you seek.

At your service


Escapian also offers a premium concierge service that makes your trip planning much easier and less stressful. Leave the to-do lists and the hassle of organizing to us – we partner with local guides, restaurants, and day tour companies to bring you a wide-ranging immersive experience during your stay. Escapian is here when you’re ready to get away – whether you’re looking for a weekly summer vacation or a monthly work-from-wherever stint. Because sometimes, getting back to your old self means getting away from the regular tedious routine. People find themselves in new places. We think you will too.

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